Marketing On Retainer

Thinking about hiring a marketing employee? Free Rein Marketing’s Marketing on Retainer program is like having a part-time marketing professional but without the costs and office space.

Free Rein Marketing operates differently than most marketing agencies, we work best if treated like an in-house marketing professional. We are on call everyday, all day. Free Rein Marketing handles all your marketing needs with immediate assistance and a fast turnaround. We also like to be in constant contact with our clients with weekly meetings so that you and your employees know what is promoted and when. Because we do not outsource any production we have creative control so that there is a consistent marketing message that not only relays the information but tells it in a way that your clients would recognize.

Immediate Assistance
Free Rein Marketing has office hours but if you need help immediately just call, text or email. You will hear from us ASAP.

Fast Turnaround
Free Rein Marketing prides ourselves in getting what you need, when you need it. Our goal is to have a rough draft to you between 24-48 hours and any changes within hours.

Weekly Meetings
We like to keep in touch with our clients with weekly project updates, new marketing ideas and to tell your employees what is being marketed next.

No Outsourcing Production
We maintain artistic control in-house for a consistent marketing message that is conveyed effectively and creatively to your consumers.

Consistent Marketing Message
We believe that consistency is key to a successful marketing strategy; therefore we don’t outsource any media production.


Marketing on Retainer Services Include:

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marketing on retainer
marketing packages
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